Why I love Orbitz Rewards (and why you should too).

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Similar to Expedia, Orbitz has their own loyalty program, Orbucks, to incentive people to use their site when booking travel.

Orbitz’s loyalty program is great for travelers who are not loyal to a particular hotel group.

How Does It Work?


You can earn …

  • 5% on eligible hotels when using the mobile app
  • 3% on eligible hotels on their regular website
  • 2% on flights when using the mobile app
  • 1% on everything else (packages, flights, etc.) on their regular website

Rewards are issued in Orbucks which you can use towards future HOTELbookings on Orbitz.

                               $1 Orbucks = $1 USD

Orbitz’s makes it easy to see how many Orbucks you will earn by listing out the amount of Orbucks for each booking…

  • Earn $1.80 in Orbucks after booking a flight from Seattle to San Francisco.
  • Earn $9.23 for booking a night at the Saint James Paris hotel.

Orbucks are available immediately for use after you make your booking. You can use this to your advantage when booking a trip or vacation. For example, if I was planning a quick weekend getaway to Las Vegas, I would want to book my flight first and then use the rewards from the flight to make the cost of my hotel stay lower.

Orbucks expire 12 months after they are earned.


Orbucks can only be redeemed for hotel bookings.

It’s very easy to redeem. You’ll see your Orbuck balance at the top of the Orbitz website…

When you search for a hotel, the price before and after your Orbucks are applied is displayed.

You can redeem your Orbucks now or save them for later, just keep in mind they expire 12 months after they are earned.

Membership Levels

Membership levels are based on the number of hotel nights you book on Orbitz.

The two biggest differences between the membership levels are the Best Price Guarantee payout and Orbitz Rewards Hotel Benefits.

Best Price Guarantee

If you book a flight, hotel, or car rental on Orbitz and then find a cheaper rate on another site, you can get Orbucks for the amount of the price difference PLUS…

  • $100 in Orbucks for SILVER members
  • $150 in Orbucks for GOLD members
  • $200 in Orbucks for PLATINUM members

It is pretty easy to find hotel rates cheaper than Orbitz- making this a cash (or rather Orbucks) cow! 🙂 Just a few weeks ago I was searching for a hotel room in London and noticed the rates were significantly higher on Orbitz than on other websites (I mostly use the hotel’s website and Kayak for comparison).

For example, on Orbitz the Hilton London Euston is $345 a night…

While on Hilton’s website the same hotel is only $312 a night…

Under Orbitz’s Best Price Guarantee, I would get $133 in Orbucks for the price difference for this hotel ($33 price difference + $100 for having silver status).

Earn More with Orbitz Credit Card

You can sign up for Orbitz’s credit card to earn even more Orbucks.

Using the Orbitz credit card, you can earn …

  • 10% back on Hotels booked using the mobile app
  • 8% back on Hotels booked on their regular website
  • 7% back on Flights booked on their mobile app
  • 6% on Flights booked on their regular website
  • 2% on all other purchases

You will also receive a $50 statement credit after spending $200 in the first 90 days and complimentary gold status.

This credit card is not the best for travel rewards but it is decent for a newbie does not have an annual fee or foreign transaction fees.

Double Dipping

It is possible to double dip with airline miles but not hotel points.

Triple Dipping

If you use the site, TopCashBack, you can save even more money when booking on Orbitz. Simply, sign into TopCashBack and search for Orbitz and click on the link which will take you directly to the Orbitz webpage and you can book just like normal.

TopCashBack offers varying cashback amount depending on what you book…

Last thoughts…

You should strongly consider joining Orbitz Rewards program. By taking advantage of the Orbitz Reward program, you can save big bucks on your next hotel stay.

If you take advantage of the triple dipping strategy I outlined in this post, not only can you save money on your next upcoming flight but you can also save money on your next hotel stay.