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We landed at LAX airport around 7 p.m. with plenty of time before our 11:59 p.m. flight to Papeete.

If you’ve never flown in or out of LAX, consider yourself lucky. That airport is a cluster-you-know-what! For being such a huge airport, their lack of signs is really astonishing. Okay, I’ll stop my ranting about LAX 😉

We made our way to the Bradley International Terminal to check in for our flight to Papeete. There was only one person in front of us at the Air Tahiti Nui counter. The entire check in process only took five minutes. After we made our way through security, we sat near our gate and watched “The Americans” (such a good show!) on my iPad until it was time to board.

Boarding started 50 minutes before our flight was to take off. The economy section of the plane is arranged in a 2 – 4 – 2 pattern.

Our flight was not very full. We were sitting in a section of four. Landon on the left aisle seat and me next to him. There was an empty seat between me and the guy in the other aisle seat.

The plane was definitely new(er). There was a nice screen on the back of each seat with plenty of movies, TV shows, maps, games, etc.

In each seat back pocket was a small bag with eye shades, ear plugs, and some socks. This is a winning combination for good sleep! I thought that was a really nice touch from Air Tahiti Nui.

Soon after taking off, I doozed off while leaning on Landon’s shoulder. A few hours later, Landon wakes me up to tell me I had stretched out and put my feet in the lap of the guy sitting on the other end. Whoops! The other guy didn’t seem too amused.

Landon and I both were asleep during the first meal which I heard was a sandwich with some fruit. We did wake up for breakfast though which was a choice between a chocolate crepe or eggs & bacon with potatoes.

I meant to order a vegan breakfast but did not get around to it (tip: it is very easy to arrange to have a special meal if you have food allergies, you just need to call 24 hours in advance of your flight).

Landon ate both his meal and mine– said both were really good!

We landed in Papeete a little after 5 am. We exited the plane “Beatles style” (meaning down the steps outside). Unfortunately, it was still dark outside so we did not get to see what Tahiti looked like.

I really enjoyed flying Air Tahiti Nui — very clean, good food & amenities, on time, and friendly staff!